Max Zotti, very well known 20 years experienced Dj has become a reliable and fuzzy Producer in the early 90s by quite few productions on cool record labels alike Undiscovered and Time Records to name but a few. His Career as producer matches with the opportunity to perform in the best club in the South of Italy as well as on the Amalfi Coast hottest venues, where he’s born actually. The Crucial Join venture in his long time developing Path, gets a smashin’ take over once he met the guys from the internationally known and wicked Club Label Netswork records . The based in Naples wicked indie, bring him a new energy and huge exposure to the large audience, soon. As part of their main artists rooster indeed, Max deliveries very soon some thrilling bullets just perfect for dancefloors and gets a lot of Hype on his name in a couple of year until along with 2 more producers in 2008 – he becomes the frontman for the project named and known to everybody in the world as Sidekick by the hit single “DeepFear”. ( No limits to this awesome club tune, which cross over from all Top djs sets of the planet, becoming a pure classic hot tune….floating from progressive and minimal techno scenes + being heavily supported by Electro House Buddies since day one. Now touring world wide as Guest Dj and representing as resident the Qi clubbing (nominated best 2008 italian venue), Max is going to delivery very soon his brand new single called “SPIN THE BASS DRUM”; whilst French and German Radio stations are just supporting and pushing “Deep fear” till up at #1 position on charts in these very weeks (Radio FG / France) ; A handful of djs and people is already lucky enough to handle a promo copy… begin supported from World wide Master Djs already, this brand new hammer is meant to be an add winner for the wicked boy. Its title is “MAX ZOTTI -SPIN THE BASS DRUM” and is just on the runaway, ready to take off !!!